Taylor Baptist Association


Taylor Baptist Association is an association of 18 Southern Baptist Churches in Taylor County, Florida.
Our purpose is to equip and assist our member churches to accomplish their ministries.

Associational Missions Strategist - Dr. Henry Cannington Jr.

Administrative Assistant - Hannah Carter

Office Hours - Monday to Thursday 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM


Taylor Baptist Association holds to the beliefs set forth by the Baptist Faith & Message 2000. On June 14th, 2000, the Southern Baptist Convention adopted a revised summary of our faith.

To view the Baptist Faith & Message 2000, click here to see it on the Southern Baptist Convention's web page.



  • Newsletter
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  • Fan the Flame ConferenceSeptember 24th
    First Baptist Church will be hosting Taylor Baptist Associations' Fan the Flame Conference September 24, 2023. The conference will begin at 6:00pm with a time of worship, followed by our guest speakers Dr. Tommy Green and Dr. Clayton Cloer, President of the Baptist Florida College.
    Please join us for a time of renewal
  • Lakeside HomecomingSeptember 24th
    Lakeside will be celebrating their 70th Homecoming September 24th, beginning at 10:30am. Music provided by The Reflections with a meal afterwards. All are welcomed to join us.
  • Executive BoardSeptember 25th
    Executive Board, 9:00 AM
  • New Home RevivalOctober 8th - 11th
    New Home is having Revival Oct 8-11 with Trent Johnson preaching. Services will be 11:00 am and 6 pm on Sunday. Monday through Wednesday supper (no cost) will be served at 6 pm and services will start at 7 pm.
  • Annual SessionOctober 16th
    Annual Session, Crosspoint
  • Veteran's DayNovember 11th
    Office Closed
  • Florida Baptist ConventionNovember 13th - 14th
    Tampa, FL
  • Thanksgiving DayNovember 23rd
    Office Closed
  • Message from Henry Cannington
           What does it mean to worship God on Sunday? Worship involves a meeting with God. God tells us when, "two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them" (Matthew 18:20 ESV).
           I remember Dr. Billy Simmons commenting on this verse in our Greek class back in NOBTS. With his keen wit, he said the Lord isn't saying, "If you show up, so will I." He is really saying, "If you gather to be with Me, I'm already there, waiting for you, ready and eager to be with you." When we gather for worship, God our Father, the Creator of the universe, the Ruler of the history, the Redeemer of sinners, is already there waiting for us.
           As God's people, we must endeavor to make each meeting with God meaningful. I look forward to our FAN THE FLAME conference this month on Sunday evening the 24th. As we gather together for this amazing time with God, we pray and look forward with great expectation to an amazing encounter with God.
           Last year, God brought us together as an association of churches and we saw God ignite our churches to do more in reaching the next generation and expanding our boundaries for ministry. Since last year, our churches have reported more baptisms, more mission projects, more men called into the ministry, the commissioning of our very own IMB missionaries, and even the church planting of a new Hispanic work. Also, we rejoice in the NAMB replant of the work in Steinhatchee, Grace Christian Church.
           As that great coon hunter and wonderful believer Jerry Clawer would always say, "Ain't God Good!"
           When we gather together as God's people, it means more than doing an expected duty, showing piety, gathering with people of similar interest. We come together for a meeting where God shares with us who He is and how He wants to bless us as we make adjustments to His will and ways.
           Make plans now to lead your church to join us at FBC of Perry on Sunday evening at 6 on September the 24th. Don't miss what God is doing in North Florida. God began great revivals in the past at associational meetings like the Sandy Creek Revival (1766-1771) and the Great Georgia Revival (1827-1834).
           Let's start this new church year "expecting God to do great things and attempting great things for God." Oh yes, that charge came from the Northamptonshire association meeting on May 31, 1791 when William Carey challenged their churches to preach the gospel to the unreached.
           "Expect great things and attempt great things" became the motto of the Baptist Missionary Society. Don't miss what God is doing!

                       Henry Cannington

  • Missions / Announcements
  • Mission Spot Light
    We flew out August 10th! We've been in our city for just a few days and we are loving it. We are still waiting for a couple things to be set up at our apartment before we can fully move in - but we are almost entirely unpacked! We've enjoyed exploring our new area and getting familiar with the big city.
    The hard part isn't over though, it's kind of just beginning. In the next week we will begin language school which will be a big challenge for us. We are excited to learn the language, but it comes with its own difficulties. We ask that you pray for us as we begin language school.
    We also ask that you continue to pray for us as we settle into our new city! Living in a big city is a change for us, though we are really enjoying all the food options.
    Thank you for your patience as our updates have been slow. We have felt the love and prayers from all of you. We cannot wait to update you in the next few weeks!

    His Glory Alone,
    Hunter and Kaylyn Searcy
  • Not By Bread AloneEvery Wednesday
    Midway Baptist's Not by Bread Alone ministry distributes a variety of home & personal hygiene products for needy families in our community every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m.
    If you would like to donate, they can use all household and hygiene supplies.
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Perry, Fl 32348
Phone: 850-584-8025
Email: taylorbaptist@fairpoint.net