Taylor Baptist Association


Taylor Baptist Association is an association of 18 Southern Baptist Churches in Taylor County, Florida.
Our purpose is to equip and assist our member churches to accomplish their ministries.

Associational Missions Strategist - Dr. Henry Cannington Jr.

Administrative Assistant - Hannah Carter

Office Hours - Monday to Thursday 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM


Taylor Baptist Association holds to the beliefs set forth by the Baptist Faith & Message 2000. On June 14th, 2000, the Southern Baptist Convention adopted a revised summary of our faith.

To view the Baptist Faith & Message 2000, click here to see it on the Southern Baptist Convention's web page.



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  • A Note from our Associational Mission Strategist
           I see God up to something amazing in our community. A spirit-filled sense of needing to experience a powerful move of God comes up quite often in our conversations. Maybe it's the prayers of God's people with a feeling of desperation in our hearts crying out to God for revival in our churches and spiritual awakening in our land. I don't know what is...but I do know the time is right for God to send revival as He has done in the past (Habakkuk 3:2).
           I have read the book of Acts hundreds of times. Here is one of the plainest books in the Bible, yet I often miss or read right past what is very plain. In chapter one I read right past verse 4, in which our risen Lord gives His last and in a real sense, His most powerful, most commanding command. He actually "ordered" them, a military term, "not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait for the promise of the Father" (ESV).
           He literally commanded them to abide in prayer. And they did. In verses 14 and 15, we read how they all, about 120, continued in prayer and supplication. Why did they do it? Because Jesus commanded it. Our trouble today is that we have not seen the need to unite in prayer as a command of Jesus. We seem to have little authority when it comes to getting our churches into prayer meetings and seeing all that God wants to do in a prayer meeting. I have to say to congregations: "If Jesus commanded you to go to prayer meetings, would you go?" "Well, yes," they reply, "if Jesus told me to, I would go." "Well, He does tell you, and even commands you, to go. Will you go?"
           The Great Commission is our mission in the Church. We here at the TBA hold to that, and uphold it. But here is the last, most forceful and imperative of all His commandments, and we don't heed it, often don't even seem to hear it. This is a great part of our problem and weakness?getting corporate prayer for revival back into our churches (Acts 1:4).
           In Acts 1 we have a full account of Jesus' last day on earth and of His last things, which are now to be our first things. His last command becomes our first responsibility. The Lord shut about 120 people into a prayer meeting and gave them the keys to the kingdom of heaven. They were united in one place praying for the promise of God.
           The devil is no fool! He knows God's plan. So he works overtime, to kill churches by preventing us from abiding in prayer and joining others for prayer meeting!
           I'm encouraged as I have seen many of our churches emphasizing prayer and a call for revival in our community. The Spirit of Prayer is the Spirit of Revival. The first revival in any genuine revival is a revival of prayer. The revival spirit leaves churches when true prayer meetings depart; and revival returns with the return of abiding prayer and prayer meetings. It's that simple! And there is no other way.
                             Keep Praying for Revival!
    P.S. - Check this out! www.baptistpress.com/resourse-library/news/first-person-god-brings-revival-to-small-town-through-weekly-prayer-meetings/
  • TBA Missions Corner
    "Revive Christ and His Church"
           Dr. Richard Blackaby & Dr. Mark Clifton will be speaking at Hopeful Baptist Church in Lake City on September 14, 2021, from 9:00am - 3:00pm. This event is open to Pastors/staff and anyone else interested in Church revitalization. This event cost $10.00 which includes lunch and two books.

    For more information and to pre-register call 386-752-6212 or email office@nfbnetwork.com

    "Jesus Revolution"
           Dr. Henry Cannington has recently had an exciting time leading the Jesus Revolution at San Pedro. If you are interested in having this inspiring study of spiritual awakening taught at your church please contact him at the Association office.
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